The California-Pacific Conference of The United Methodist Church

Official Summary of the 33rd Annual Session of the California-Pacific Conference

Songs of praise and celebration ushered in the Spirit of God and enlivened the hearts of some 1,200 United Methodists gathered at the University of Redlands (Redlands, CA) for the 33rd Annual Session of the California-Pacific Conference of The United Methodist Church.

The theme was “From Here to There,” (#heretothere) based on Matthew 10:5-11, with the purpose of providing an opportunity for the Conference to reflect upon who we were as well as to respond to the challenge to become different than what we might currently be.

This was Resident Bishop Grant J. Hagiya’s first Conference Session since returning to the California-Pacific Conference as an Episcopal Leader.  Those gathered joyously welcomed him with, of course, a lei from the Hawaii District and a standing ovation. And, Bishop Hagiya did not wait long to guide the “body” into a new format of conferencing this year which emphasized learning and reflection on ministry leadership through “Messaging Moments,” of TED-like talks.

Each moment hosted speakers and shared media that were oriented around the “four priorities of transformation” of: Transforming Vital Congregations, Transforming Christian Leaders, Transforming Lives, and Transforming the World.  Moreover, it was clearly articulated that the presumption of the “four priorities” was that the Conference exists to resource the local churches for growth and that the local churches will be tangibly expected to grow in number.

As highlighted below, much work was done throughout the Conference:

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These videos are the most up to date versions as of June 17, 2017. Messaging Moments will be edited to be without the Worship Services as soon as possible.