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By Rev. David Berkey, Director of Camp and Retreat Ministries

This summer, many young people across the California-Pacific Conference are leading ministries in the local church and beyond that transform lives, including some 150 of them leading week-long camp experiences for children and youth.

Key Insight: As our Summer Camp theme, “Branching Out: Connecting Through Christ,” reminds us, growth happens when we actively nurture our connection with God and others both deep inside and all the way outside the four walls of our church.  That responsibility of active nurturing belongs to all of us in the Church.

Action Step #1: Schedule in some time for these young leaders to share their story of transforming lives at an upcoming worship service or at an all-church meal.

Action Step #2: Encourage young leaders who sense the call to ordained ministry to the upcoming Exploration event in November; Cal-Pac is organizing a group to go together.

Action Step #3: Start planning with me ( for an upcoming summer Day Camp program to be hosted at your local church that will transform the lives of children and youth in your neighborhood.