Letter from Terri and Evelyn Erberle – GBGM Missionaries in Alaska (Nov 2018)

Many of you are new to receiving our Erbele Etchings so we’ll start this letter with a brief introduction. We have been Global Ministries missionaries since 1989 and have been in mission in Nigeria, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania. For the … Read More

Letter from Quynh-Hoa Nguen – GBGM Missionary in Vietnam (Nov 2017)

I give thanks for the blessing of relationship and partnership in mission.

I was deeply moved that every church I visited, big and small, had glad and generous hearts for mission. Thank you for the extra efforts you made, the … Read More

Letter from Terri and Evelyn Erberle – GBGM Missionaries in Alaska (Nov 2017)

It is Thanksgiving weekend as we compose this missive. Our hearts overflow with gratitude for what God as done through Christ and for the salvation offered to the world. One does not have to look far to witness individuals in … Read More

Letter from Paul Jeffreys – GBGM Missionary (Nov 2017)

For years the Rohingya minority in Myanmar has been one of the more persecuted groups in the world. Mostly Muslims in a country where Buddhist nationalism has taken a particularly virulent turn, they’ve been under constant assault. In late August, … Read More

Letter from Ghana Adevu September 2017

Here’s latest update from Mozart Adevu, missionary in Ghana.

“Enforcement has begun: five Chinese nationals and their Ghanaian colleagues were arrested in March of 2017 for engaging alluvial mining on the River Ankobra. They were not only polluting the river by washing … Read More

Letter from Cambodia (Lee)

Here’s latest update from Andrew Lee, missionary in Cambodia.

“Cambodia is famous for a lot of things. Besides Ankor Wat, the famous historical temples in Siem Reap, each province has products that are special to their region. I was told that if you visit … Read More

Letter from Arkansas (Copley) September 2017

Here’s latest update from Rev. Stephen Copley, missionary in Arkansas.

“He used the metaphor of bridges and bridge building. We need to be connected, but often times people are cut off from the others due to hatred and violence. They become … Read More

Letter from Arkansas (Copley) August 2017

Here’s latest update from Rev. Stephen Copley, missionary in Arkansas.

“It is time that we learned to live in peace and harmony with one another, whether as nations, religions or people of different races. It is incumbent that we learn to … Read More

Letter from South Sudan, Uganda, and Malawi (Jeffrey) August 2017

Here’s the latest update from Paul Jeffrey, missionary at large.

“Many who suffer the unspeakable violence of war and displacement refuse to be victims, as evidenced by this group of formerly displaced women singing and dancing as they walk home … Read More

UMVIM Team Rebuilds in Weed, CA in April 2017

The Cal-Pac team worked in conjunction with Siskiyou Habitat for Humanity to help those who still have unmet needs as a result of a devastating fire in September 2014. The fire destroyed several parts of the town including two … Read More