Promoting Events & Initiatives

Conference leaders often inquire about the way by which Conference events and initiatives can be promoted through Conference Communications.  Leadership requires communications and communications is leadership.  Let’s do it!

It all begins with the Communications Action Form – Go to and select the action option most appropriate then complete the form.

Wow!  That’s it!  Once information comes in, Cal-Pac Communications and ministry leaders can confer about any particular ways to promote.  Otherwise, once the information comes in, it would:

  • Go on our Conference Calendar on our website
  • Go on the Front Page of our website
  • Go on the appropriate Ministry Page of our website
  • Go on our Mobile App
  • Go on our Social Media
  • Go on our Weekly Emails

Now, the following are some general guidelines and/or responses to frequently asked questions that would help your event get the best results:

  • Send it in earlier than later – Nine months ahead is a recommended time frame for a “Save the Date” with a date and event title will help people plan
  • Be clear on who it is for – If your event is for “everybody,” then people might not feel that it is for “me.”  So, some specificity is good.
  • Be clear on what it is for – The best way to promote an event is to name a particular ministry problem that it solves or context that it strengthens.
  • Make special requests – We can send it to just clergy, just lay leaders, just youth workers, or others for whom we might have information.
  • Collaborate with staff – Often, staff are already aware of something ongoing that committees and others have an idea about.  Working together is greater!

For questions or further information, please contact James J. Kang (, Director of Communications.