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Joshua Tree is a region where breakfast was served five days a week at a local center through the CA Ministry of Cooperation, called “The Way Station.” There, those in need would also receive lunch and a bag of groceries once a month. However, there were no meals provided for the weekend.

A retired Air Force Chaplain named Milton Merritt had the idea that the people called Methodists in Joshua Tree could provide meals sometime during the weekend. But, the local church did not have enough people or resources to make that happen. Milt conveyed this idea to another Methodist, Tom Pilkington, and a partnership developed.

What came about from their partnership was a rotation of United Methodist churches from as far as 80 miles away, some leaving home at 5:30 in the morning, who would make the trip to serve breakfast every Saturday to some 120 people facing hunger on a regular basis.

This commitment to helping serve the hungry continues today, with members of a dozen Methodist congregations following a rotational schedule to travel to Joshua Tree on a Saturday morning. New sponsors are always welcome! For more information, please contact Rev. Tom Ziegert, pastor of the Morongo Basin Cooperative Parish, at

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What a blessing to serve the East District as your Superintendent. The East District is a varied place of people and geography, with 75 churches ministering in those varied places with an equally diverse group of people. We pray that the ministries of our churches and settings will continue to build up peace, hope and joy among all people and places.

Rev. Melissa MacKinnon
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