June 5, 2018

A New Day in Your Congregation 2018 (New Ministries) @San Dieguito

July 11, 2018 - 10:00 AM / 02:00 PM


San Dieguito United Methodist Church

Leader: Dr. L. Roger Owens

Who Should Come?

Any pastor, staff, or lay leader in a congregation that is seeking some kind of renewal and is tired of quick fixes, church growth conferences, and one size fits all approaches.

What Should I Expect?

When congregations need renewal, we often look for proven strategies we can apply. But that is not what we need. We need to know how to host the conversations out of which renewal will emerge. There is no quick fix. This workshop will introduce participants to four key conversations that can lead to congregational renewal, and provide the space for participants to imagine how they can take these conversations into their own contexts.

No registration fee (100 spots available please RSVP) and lunch will be provided by Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

For more information, contact John Shaver at 760-753-6582 or


The four key conversations are:

The Pruning Conversation. We often think about ministry as “adding,” and certainly renewal often means new adventures in ministry. But we don’t start there—we start by asking the difficult question: What are we doing now that should stop, so that new fruit might burst forth?

The Vision Conversation. Pastors and lay leader have been told for a long time that a church needs a clear vision of where they want to be in a few years. But is that really the case? This conversation challenges that assumption, and offers a liberating view of vision as a landscape within which a congregation seeks to live and serve.

The Strategic Planning Conversation. We’ve also been told that we need a clear plan to get to our vision—a roadmap. But this conversation invites congregations to think about a process of discerning next steps in ministry, rather than writing a well-defined map. This refreshing approach will inspire leaders to tackle planning differently.

The Mission/Evangelism Conversation. For too long, mission and evangelism have been distant cousins, kept at arms-length from one another. But renewal can come when we learn to hold them together. A renewed sense of how mission and evangelism relate can inspire deeper and more holistic engagement with our communities.

About L. Roger Owens:

Since 2013, L. Roger Owens (PhD, Duke University) has been associate professor of Christian spirituality and ministry at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. An ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, Roger spent eight years as a pastor in North Carolina serving churches with his wife, Rev. Ginger Thomas, before moving to Pittsburgh. Now as a professor, writer, and retreat leader he offers students and other audiences a new, refreshing way to think about ministry, leadership, and spirituality.

Roger is the author the books Abba, Give Me a Word: The Path of Spiritual Direction, What We Need Is Here: Practicing the Heart of Christian Spirituality, and most recently A New Day in the City: Urban Church Revival. He is a frequent faculty presenter in the Upper Room’s Academy for Spiritual Formation, teaching broadly in Christian spirituality. Roger and Ginger are the parents of three school-aged children: Simeon, Silas, and Mary Clare.