December 20, 2016

Bishop’s Confirmation Retreat 2017 (California)

October 13, 2017 - 07:00 PM


Camp Lazy W Ranch

Registration is now open for the Bishop’s Confirmation Retreat 2017 designed for all confirmands and their leaders to connect with their faith, with other Confirmands and with our mission as followers of Christ and leaders in the world. We’ll spend the weekend learning, growing and worshiping together as a community of Christ with Bishop Grant J. Hagiya, Resident Bishop of the California-Pacific Conference.

The retreat will start at 7 PM on Friday and conclude after worship on Sunday at 11 AM.

This event has been designed to complement the most commonly used Confirmation curriculums and practices. Inspiring speakers and varied Christians will discuss these themes in worship services, small groups, and activities. Confirmands will engage, dream, and practice in the mountains of Lazy W Ranch.

During this event, we’re emphasizing a few things:

  1. Challenging Confirmands to take seriously Jesus’ call to discipleship
  2. Developing Confirmands as Christian leaders
  3. Connecting theological ideas to daily life
  4. Fostering a connection with God
  5. Helping Confirmands to embrace being a part of the church

The cost is only $75 per student and $35 per adult for two wonderful nights at Camp Lazy W Ranch!