December 8, 2015

[cancelled] (Camarillo)

February 27, 2016 - 09:30 AM / 12:00 PM


Camarillo United Methodist Church

(626) 568-7369 (Camarillo) is being collapsed into c.lab for that day.  Please visit the new Cal-Pac Online Academy for content. (“communications school”) is an educational seminar on the basics of local church communications for local church clergy, staff, and ministry leaders.

Areas of learning and strategizing include:

  • Basic Print Communications (MS Office, Print Design)
  • Basic Digital Communications (Website Building, Social Media, Email Marketing)
  • Communications Leadership (Branding, Building a Communications Team)

Participants will leave with ideas and skills on a variety of local church communications responsibilities.

This year’s (Camarillo) will be held prior to a c.lab (communications laboratory) for the local mission area.

Registration fee is $25 (lunch included – once you register, we’ll send you payment instructions).  Space is limited to 25 registrants.  So, please register now below!