February 14, 2018

ERT Training 2018 (DRTF) @Whittier

April 14, 2018 - 08:00 AM / 05:00 PM


Whittier 1st UMC

This will be an all day class, 8am to 5pm, designed to meet all UMCOR requirements for participation on an ERT (Early Response Team).

A description of this class is available here.

-Lunch and light snack will be provided.
-Cost is $40 for class materials.
-Safe Gatherings will be presented as part of the class and UMCOR will do the background checks (thus saving and additional $43 cost)
-Each participant must bring a laptop or other electronic device with internet connection to do the background check.

There are now 3 classes being offered:
March 10 @ San Diego 1st UMC Travis Lindsay, Instructor
April 14 @ Whittier 1st UMC Doug and Judy Lewis, Instructors
July 14 @ Los Altos UMC, Long Beach Doug and Judy Lewis, Instructors

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