October 4, 2016

Fall Young Adult Retreat

October 7, 2016 - 07:00 PM


Lazy W Ranch Camp

Annually Young Adults (ages 18-35) spend time in community with one another to discuss and deliberate on issues of faith while spending a weekend away from stress and distractions. This is a place where you can:

Share openly without judgment.
Participate without having to plan.
Be fed spiritually.
Live and play in fellowship.
Connect with other Young Adults of faith.
Be challenged in their spiritual growth.
Take some time away.

We’ll explore what spirituality is and why it’s important, what keeps us from connecting spiritually and what we’re already spiritually doing as well as ideas for connecting with God day-to-day. Over the course of the weekend we’ll spend time in small group discussion, we will play together in fun activities, and we will receive inspiration together as a whole community.