February 22, 2018

Prayer Hacks Women’s Retreat 2018 (Camp & Retreat) @Aldersgate Retreat

April 20, 2018 - 07:30 PM


Aldersgate Retreat Center

This retreat is going to equip you with some amazing, simple, and meaningful prayer tools that you can use anywhere, anytime of the day.

We have heard the scripture: “Pray without ceasing” and think it is impossible. But maybe it isn’t. Maybe we can learn a few prayer hacks that will help us to pray from the time we wake, to the time we go to sleep.

Participants will explore and experiment with a variety of prayer tools, from journaling to spiritual direction. We will learn about the ancient prayer-hours of the day, and how to easily incorporate them into our daily lives. Each woman will leave the beautiful Aldersgate Retreat Center with a renewed spirit, and a collection of marvelous ready-to-use prayer tools! Bring a friend or a small group of women from your congregation and deepen the ties that bind us one to another.

Retreat leaders: Melinda Trotti, Retreat Leader and Spiritual Director, Rev. Marlene Urban-Funk, Clergywoman and Retreat Leader

Cost: $155.00 (2 nights, 4 meals and programming)

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