January 10, 2018

Winter Huddle 2 2018

January 29, 2018 - 12:00 AM


The Discipleship Huddle is a 90 minute gathering using Zoom (video based computer chat, so you’ll need a computer with a camera). The goal of our time is to engage you in way of making an everyday connection with what God is already doing in your life so that you might participate more fully in the Spirit’s work in you. Participation in our time together, and then daily homework (don’t worry, you will grow into the daily pattern over our weeks together), will grow you as a disciple and enable you to engage others into the life of discipleship. At the end of our time, you will be able to start a huddle in your church, community or home. Those who register must commit to attending 5 of the 6 sessions (so please don’t register unless you can make this commitment).

Cost is $35 which covers registration and pdf materials. New Ministries is only accepting credit cards for method of payment.

Leader: Rev Nicole Reilley, Director of New Ministries