August 31, 2015

Praying4LA – Downtown LA Prayer Stations 2015

eventJoin the Downtown LA Mission Area in four days of prayer during the month of September, with and for the people of Skid Row:

Sept 4, 9, 15, and 26 (2015)

“When I ask people in Skid Row what the church can do to really help, they tell me, ‘Cover this place with prayer.’ They desire spiritual support. They want to be participants in a collaboration with God. And they need people of faith to walk with them, not just for them. They don’t tell me they need more food or blankets or Bibles. (Of course those are essential) They need relationships and moments when they feel connected to another sister or brother in Christ. This we can do!” -Beth Mueller, Downtown LA Mission Area

There will be simple prayer stations on the sidewalk in 6 locations. Stations will operate from 9-6 p.m.

Prayer volunteers are needed to work in teams of 2 for 2 hour shifts. One will pray with individuals while the other “hosts” those waiting. There will be support staff available each day for brief training, questions, etc.

Check the Volunteer Assignments spreadsheet here.

To volunteer, or for questions, contact