Four Priorities


At Annual Conference 2017, Resident Bishop Grant J. Hagiya introduced the Four Priorities framework for leading Conference, District, and local church ministries.
Use the resources on this page as a guide for initiating and sustaining transformation in the local church.

1) Watch This Message from Bishop Hagiya 2017

2) Get The Diagram

The ministries of the Conference will align and orient around the Four Priorities, with a shared foundation, to resource the work of the local churches in making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


3) Preach on the Four Priorities

Rev. Tim Ellington of Kailua United Methodist Church (Hawaii) preached on the Four Priorities after Annual Conference 2017. These sermons act as a great example of preaching on the Four Priorities. The first sermon is available here. The rest of his sermons are available via the button below.


4) Gather Church Leaders + Participate in Conference Initiatives

Transforming Vital Congregations

Assess how vital is your congregation currently – work on the markers of vitality for the local church and tell us what you need to become more vital

Transforming Christian Leaders

Model leadership growth by continuous learning and development – provide regular leadership training and development for your leaders

Transforming Lives

Assess whether you have a healthy discipling system or not – research models of discipling systems and pick one that is relevant to your context.

Transforming the World

Make a commitment to engage your neighborhood and surrounding mission field – Starting Point = Anna Olson’s “Claiming Resurrection in the Dying Church: Freedom Beyond Survival”

5) Sign Up for The Catalyst

Every Thursday morning, ministry leaders receive an email called “The Catalyst” with key insights and warm invitations to transform their local church and their community.

Note: You are already receiving The Catalyst if you are receiving other Conference emails.


6) Contact Cal-Pac Staff for Assistance

Rev. Myron Wingfield
Executive Director of Connectional Ministries
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Archana Carey
Executive Director of Finance & Facilities
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Rev. David Farley
Director of Justice & Compassion Ministries
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Rev. Nicole Reilley
Director of New Ministries
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Rev. Joel Hortiales
Associate Director of Hispanic/Latino Ministries
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Rev. David Berkey
Director of Camp & Retreat Ministries
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Jan Hanson
Director of Human Resources
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James J. Kang
Director of Communications
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