futurebound (the series)

beyond the visible horizon

futurebound is Cal-Pac’s newest inspirational digital film series that offers a glimpse into the people, places, and moments where creative ministry leadership is leading the world towards a destination of love.

episode seven – messy church, community umc [hb]

Want to start a Messy Church?

Learn more at

episode six – harmony, toluca lake

Want to learn how to start a new ministry?

Contact Rev. Nicole Reilley (, Cal-Pac Director of New Ministries

episode five : calvary united methodist mission [hi]

Need training for on multi-ethnic ministry and community engagement?

Contact Rev. Nicole Reilley (, Cal-Pac Director of New Ministries, and Rev. David Farley (, Cal-Pac Director of Justice and Compassion Ministries.


episode four : church of the good shepherd [arc]

Curious about Readiness 360+?

R360+ is a full 15-month vitalization experience of learning, growing and reaching for the future for churches in the California-Pacific Conference.

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episode three : church of the good shepherd [arc]

Need training for welcoming?

Contact Rev. Nicole Reilley (, Director of New Ministries, about available sessions and material!

episode two : encompass [sd]

Inspired to start a new ministry?

Start by joining a Discipleship Huddle!

episode one : encompass [sd]

Inspired to learn more about new ministries?

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