God in the Graffiti

A New Lens on Religious Symbols in Street Art

General Conference 2016

In preparation for this exhibit at General Conference 2016 (Portland, OR), the young artists were exposed to diverse sources of information such as General Conference resolutions, written testimonies of UMC leaders involved in programs serving refugees in Europe, as well as written testimony of a refugee living in Europe. Two videos were produced for this series: 1) An inter-religious discussion on global migration and refugees and 2) a talk from the Vice-President Designate 2016/17 of the Methodist Conference, Rachel Lampard, in Great Britain.
The paintings on exhibit have been on a “traveling” journey to diverse locations. Our only request for the groups hosting the paintings has been to replicate community conversations through some sort of gathering. Our next stop, after the 2016 General Conference, will be the 2016 Christian Community Development Association National Conference ( While you visit this exhibition, please be open to be “connected with the divine by being able to connect with what we seeing on the wall.” “We need to learn how to read the writing on the wall… there is a prophetic voice in the graffiti, are we willing to listen?”

About the Initiative

God in the Graffiti is an initiative of La Plaza United Methodist Church (Los Angeles, CA) made possible by a grant from the General Commission on Religion and Race. The initiative invites streets artists to develop their gift of painting as a theological practice. Scholars are invited to discuss a particular issue upon which the artists reflect and create a work of art.


Pastor VJ Cruz-Baez
(213) 716-2111