March 10, 2017

Lent 2017: Day Ten

Week Two: Disturbances

Reflection for the Week: Ask disturbing questions and consider unexpected ways we share the Gospel story.

Do you notice the reciprocal nature of the Bible verse above? The text reminds us that everything is connected. It is that “what goes around comes around” axiom. As you read these beautiful lines of the beatitudes, don’t they just resonate with your soul? Aren’t they simply so true as to be undeniable? So why is mercy so lacking? Why do so many fail to see God? Let’s face it; we are all still too insecure and selfish. We are more focused on those we need to protect ourselves against, than those who need our protection. Our hearts have more worry and concern than pure trust in God, so it’s hard to feel we see God clearly. How do we change that? How do we become one of the “blessed?”

Oops, did again. Focused on what I need not on what others need. I will never know God’s blessing until I get that straight.

Prayer: Lord, I want to be a Christian, in my heart. Amen.

Rev. John Farley
Dean of Cabinet
California-Pacific Conference