March 31, 2017

Lent 2017: Day Twenty-Eight

Week Four: Allocation of Resources

Reflection for the Week: How can we have courage to be generous even when we think there is not enough?

Who are your people? If you are not sure how to answer this question, try this little exercise derived from the last three words in the text above: “people of God.” Who are you “of?”

The word “of” is a function word that communicates from where one’s identity is derived. When you speak of being a “person,” it indicates individuality and separate identity. When you speak of being a “people,” it communicates a particular identity derived from someone or something that is shared by a group.

Some of my people are fishermen, some are golfers, and some are musicians. I find very few in San Diego who are Dodger fans. There are not many of my Dodger peeps down here. In each case, we share a common love. In each case, there is an immediate connection and, even a common language. Every fisherman knows the thrill of hearing the phrase “bite on!” Every golfer knows the pain we feel when “the wheels fall off.” I love football and consider myself a fan, but I wish the fans of Christ could fill a stadium as easily and regularly as the fans of Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers.

So, I ask you again, “Who are your people? Who are you “of?” From what and whom to you derive the clearest sense of identity and purpose? What team, what group, what “people” command the most of your heart and hands? You can usually tell by looking at how much time you spend with them and how much money you spend on them.

Prayer: Dear Lord, May I be one of the people of God. Amen.

Rev. John Farley
Dean of Cabinet
California-Pacific Conference