March 23, 2017

Lent 2017: Day Twenty-Two

Week Four: Allocation of Resources

Reflection for the Week: How can we have courage to be generous even when we think there is not enough?

Not long ago one of the most popular exhibits touring the world was “The Human Body World.” It was a fascinating exhibit of actual human body structure and tissue in an array of presentations. The display celebrated the enormous complexity of the human body. Skeleton, eyes, hair, muscle sinew, nails, organs and blood flow were explained in the greatest detail, and yet with all this knowledge of the body, there was a confession of how much we still don’t know.

I think this is one of the reasons why the definition of the church as “The body of Christ” is so fitting. Bodies are a physical tangible presence in the world, alive or dead. The body is a complex collection of abilities connected to a unified purpose. There are eyes to see, ears to hear, hearts to pump life, feet to travel and hands to work with. The physical body gets things done. But, if the spirit of life is not in the body, it is useless.

As a church, we get things done. We see the needs of our children and youth and persons of all ages and stages. We step out and reach out and make a difference. But, we could not do this without that miraculous life giving Spirit within us, the same Spirit that made Jesus the Christ.

As a pastor for 36 years, I have seen just how true this image is in describing the church. In every ministry setting I have met people who had a particular gift of sight, of labor or voice that when united in the same purpose made the ministry of the body whole. It is indeed a miraculous thing to witness.

As you read this, you may not be sure what part you play in building up the body of Christ. But I assure you, God has created you in a way that makes you important. You are unique and necessary. There is no part of the body that is not needed, if we are to be whole.

Just keep exercising your faith a little more along with the rest of the limbs, and you will find your place to give of yourself.

Prayer: Creator God, show me the way to my connection with the Body of Christ. Amen.

Rev. John Farley
Dean of Cabinet
California-Pacific Conference