Lay Ministry Academy


The role of the Lay Ministry Academy is to prepare participants to fulfill a wide variety of roles in local churches-often based on their professional experiences in other disciplines.

Coursework is designed as a two-year process with three sessions offered each year covering content as designated in the Certified Lay Minister program and some Lay Speaking advanced courses.

The expectation is that participants will complete all six sessions over the two year period.

The California-Pacific United Methodist Conference and Claremont School of Theology work together in this Lay Ministry Academy to provide lay leadership for Cal-Pac Conference churches and their ministries.

The Lay Academy Provides:

  • Training for lay persons to serve with ordained clergy in mutual ministry.
  • Spirituality nurturing experiences for lay persons wishing to further their faith journey.
  • Lay leadership to assist with the programs and ministries of our churches and to complement the ministry of ordained clergy.
  • Training for lay persons who desire to serve in their local church and community.
  • An affordable, accessible program for persons to meet content expectations as Certified Lay Ministers. Additional work with District COM is required to fulfill requirements for United Methodist certification as a Lay Minister.