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Bishop of Methodist Church in Argentina Expresses Concern on Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric

A recently published op-ed entitled, “Defining Disgraceful,” written by Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño and Sister Simone Campbell in response to the anti-immigrant rhetoric of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, has received widespread support from faith communities and beyond, including from Bishop Frank Brown Nully of the Evangelical Methodist Church of Argentina.

In a letter to Bishop Carcaño on February 29, 2016, Bishop Nully wrote (English translation and original letter below):

“Dear Bishop Minerva Carcaño,

May the grace and peace of Jesus be with you in this time of Lent, a time of prayer and commitment to our neighbor from the faith we profess.

I have carefully read your statements with reference to one of the presidential candidates in the United States, Donald Trump. His words are truly alarming provoking an attitude that sees anyone who does not agree with his worldview as an enemy. It is deplorable that he manipulates the banner of Christianity as a political instrument to proclaim his deeply racist roots.

I welcome your statements as they reflect the strong concern across all of Latin America. It is important to remember that the decision of US citizens in the upcoming presidential election will have repercussions on our economy and relationships.

The decision of each Methodist who is a US citizen will need to contribute toward a positive impact across our continent if we are to continue our joint work against poverty, exclusion and the rejection of hostile conflicts.

Our decisions in pursuit of a world of peace and justice are interconnected. This is not always visible from the power centers of political and economic decision making. Therefore this is an opportune time for prayer and discernment in preparation for the coming elections. Let us consider the welfare of all.

Fraternally in Christ,

Bishop Frank Brown Nully”


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