December 7, 2016

Cal-Pac Sends Disaster Recovery Mission Team to Napa, CA

news-graphicIn May 2016 University UMC sent a mission team of 13 volunteers to help with disaster recovery in Napa, CA. There was one volunteer from Aldersgate UMC on the team.

Napa experienced a 6.0 magnitude earthquake in August 2014 causing much destruction in the downtown area and damage to local housing. The team worked on 7 different homes ranging from chimney repairs, ceiling and wall cracks, a chimney removed and the wall rebuilt, plaster cracks filled, and roof separation repair and interior drywall repair. It was challenging work but by being flexible we were able to move workers around to cover all of the projects assigned. The homeowners had waited a long time for help and were very appreciative of the work that we were able to do. We stayed at the Crosswalk Community Church in Napa.

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