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Joint Commission Newsletter – June 2019

The following was prepared by Tom Pilkington, President of the Joint Commission of churches in the California-Pacific Conference and Baja California.

I am happy to report that the Joint Commission is working hard to help our sister churches south of the border. This edition will bring you up to date on several projects we are working hard on and ones that we hope your church will want to support.

We all know about the mess at the southern border. Thousands of people, from many parts of the world, are taking advantage of what most of them see as an opportunity to enhance their lives by coming to America. America’s systems are being overwhelmed and we, as disciples of Jesus Christ, are working hard to help the migrants by feeding them and caring for them.

For all we do, we are facing a problem…one we hope you will be called to help. This year, our funds are running low…both because donations have fallen off and because we are being very active as this newsletter will attest. There are two important ways to help we pray you will consider. First, we can use your presence in our various projects. We have a feeding program in Tijuana where you could help serve. It is an amazing experience. Secondly, we need financial support. Any financial support you can give will be greatly appreciated and put to good use. Please send your gifts to the Joint Commission Financial Secretary, Jim Oliver, P.O. Box 8, Wrightwood, Calif. 92397.

One of our Joint Commission members would be happy to visit your church, show slides of our current projects, and answer questions. You can call me at 909.645.1212 or send an email to me at We would be honored to visit with you at a mission team or church council meeting. […]