January 24, 2017

Laity Council Seeking Nominations for Lay Persons of the Year 2017

In 1961, the Bishop Gerald Kennedy Award was established. It was to be given to a person or persons for distinguished service, selected by a committee appointed by the Bishop. After 1980 it was given to an outstanding Layman and Laywoman each year. In 2004 a third category was added to name an outstanding Lay Young Adult. In 2014 the category of Lay Youth was added. The award is now presented by the Laity Council to each recipient at their local church and acknowledged during the Annual Conference Session and recognized at the Laity Dinner.

Nominee must be an active member of the Congregation, Nominee should currently exemplify strong leadership skills within the congregation such as Bible study, training programs, local participation and should be an example of Christian stewardship. Nominee should be currently active in one or more community, evangelistic or outreach programs and/or be active on a Conference, District, Mission Area or ecumenical level through committee activity, Lay Servant Ministries, training program and/or seminars.

A congregation may make more than one nomination. The form may be completed by any lay person in the church and needs the endorsements of at least one other lay person and the Pastor.

Deadline for submission is March 1, 2017. Electronic submission is encouraged. Send to Roxana Topete , Administrative Assistant to Connectional Ministries, at Please send two copies.

Download Form and Instructions Nominate Online