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November is Native American Heritage Month

In the United Methodist Program Calendar, November is Native American Heritage Month.

UMC Discipleship’s Lectionary Worship Planning Guide says, “The observance of Native American Heritage Month among United Methodists is an invitation to continue the acts of repentance toward indigenous peoples begun at General Conference in 2012 and seek to build new bridges of relationship and mutual trust. While we have a variety of resources on our website you may use in your congregations, be sure to work directly with and invite Native American persons in your congregation to lead them or others they have available where appropriate (for Communion, your appointed pastor or another ordained elder must preside). Much harm has been done by non-indigenous persons taking resources of all kinds from Native Americans and appropriating them for their own use without permission or consultation.”

Resources from UMC Discipleship are available via the button below.

Rev. Greg Douglass, Co-Chair of Cal-Pac’s Commission on Native-American Ministries (CONAM) also suggests the following:

  • Take up an offering in support of Standing Rock – Gifts can be made through Native American UMC or directly to the Dakotas Conference (Note “Standing Rock”)
  • Study with An American Genocide – The United States and the California Indian Catastrophe by Benjamin Madley and Capture These Indians For The Lord – Indians, Methodists, and Oklahomans, 1844-1939 by Tash Smith

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