October 9, 2017

SAI Awards Scholarships to Diverse Group in 2017

The Spanish American Institute (SAI) continues to carry-on a century old mission of the Methodist Church School for Boys located in Gardena, California. Opening its doors in 1913 and enrolling several dozen well deserving Mexican youth with the purpose of preparing them, through education, to develop a better future for themselves, family and community. Alumni of this school such as Emilio Hernandez have become respected leaders in The United Methodist Church.

Fay Salgado – “I will be studying Fashion Buying and Management at Palomar College. I have always been fascinated by fashion and how creative and expressive it can be. This major will be helpful both in the business and fashion industry.

What I love most about being a United Methodist is how accepting and welcoming we are. I have always felt like I belonged.

This scholarship will help be by helping me pay for my supplies for my major such as, fabric, patterns, threads, and much more.”

Corwin Scherer – “I’m studying Culinary Art and soon to include Business and Entrepreneurship studies. I truly love working with my hands and creating a product that brings a lot of joy and daily fulfillment to others and myself, through the food I can create.

I love being a member of the church family. There are so many neighbors I have learned to trust and I know that when I need help or just some advice I will always have several people in church I can turn to! They are a great resource to help me with everything.

The scholarship allows me to manage and minimize the loans as much as possible, to let me concentrate more on my studies. I will still be working, but it is wonderful to have less worry than before, and to know that people care and help.”

Danielle Trinidad – “I am about to study art with a focus on art education to be able to mentor young students, like I was. My art teachers were distinctly different from the rest of my instructors because they cultivated creativity and sparked my passion for all things art related. My desire is to mold the minds of the future and keep art a priority in schools.

I’ve grown up in the Methodist church and what I love the most is the sense of community. It’s been amazing being able to go to different Methodist churches and witnessing how loving and welcoming each congregation is. The Methodist church does have open doors were God is praised.

I thank God for blessing me with this scholarship and also thank you to those who generously provide the funds. This scholarship will provide me with textbooks and other supplies for my upcoming semester at Azusa Pacific University.”

Brianna Vasquez – “I’m going to Chico University and studying biological sciences. The reason for this is I plan on going to medical school and pursuing a career as an OB/GYN. I’ve always loved children and pregnant women, so doing this type of job would not only be a blessing but something I love to do. I actually volunteered at an OB/GYN clinic during the summer while in high school. The clinic was located in Massachusetts. I not only did normal volunteer work such as paper work, greeting, and helping with tasks but also got to be an observer during a six week checkup. This was an eye opening experience that created a force in me to pursue this career.

What I love most about being a Methodist is the way we unite as a church. From the time I was in sixth grade until now, this quality of the Methodist lifestyle has stood out to me. The people at my church are always doing their best to make the world a better place for others. Methodists realize the imperfections in the world and in people. They use this as their drive to help kids get toys on Christmas, give out meals to those in need, and help bring life to fellow brothers and sisters. Methodists are the people who not only serve God but come together to make the world a better place.

This scholarship will be a huge blessing because it will help me get through my first year in college. College is expensive and difficult to pay for, especially for my family. My dad will be the only parent working this year while my mother pursues her Master’s degree. I have a brother in private school and a sister attending Sacramento State. I have to do my best to support myself in every way. I thank everyone who donated to this scholarship. This is a huge help in the steps I am taking to pursue my goals. I will not let you down!”