February 21, 2018

Update 2: Cal-Pac Responding to Fires and Mudslides

Local United Methodist Churches in the affected regions have continued to be the loving hands and feet of Jesus Christ in the aftermath of disaster.

When the fires hit, Joana Michel of Bardsdale UMC and her family escaped with the clothes on their back.  Then, the congregation heard about this and began to offer furniture, towels, dishes, and other household items in such abundance that Ms. Michel’s daughter-in-law began to share with other families in her apartment building.  It was through such abundance and coordination, with items from the congregation and beyond, that 54 families in that apartment building are now in good shape.

Then, when the mudslides hit in Montecito, All Saints By-the-Sea Parish School was displaced by the mudslides.  Then, the preschool director of St. Mark UMC in Santa Barbara had an idea and the leaders of the congregation worked together to take all appropriate action to house the school in time for class starting January 22, 2018.  The children, teachers, and families had a chance to experience some semblance of normalcy.