Readiness 360+

R360+ is a full 15-month vitalization experience of learning, growing and reaching for the future for churches in the California-Pacific Conference. The experience includes the Readiness 360 tool in addition to a series of workshops, books, goal setting and conversations in becoming a church for the 21st Century.


Spiritual Intensity

The degree to which a spiritual fire burns within the hearts and souls of those leading and participating in the life of the church is critical.

Missional Alignment

Consistent prioritization investment of its resources (time, talent, treasure) according to a biblical vision and mission indicates readiness in this dimension.

Dynamic Relationships

Good habits and skills, as a congregational system, for leading new persons into a deeper relationship with God through Christ is vital.

Cultural Openness

Effectively reaching across cultural boundaries to share the Christian good news with diverse people, who begin with different experiences, perspectives, and stories.



This will call forth a significant investment in time from your church. Over 15-months, there are six daylong trainings (9-4PM), six books to read, intentional work alongside a coach (assigned to your church), and focus of energy on vitalization.


The cost of the training is paid for by your Connectional Giving (Apportionments). Your church (or those on the team) will need to purchase the books used as well as cover any transportation. Lunch will be provided.

Desired / Eligible Participants

  1. For churches who are doing good/well but would like to (and believe they can) do better. For example, you feel you could grow worship, strengthen your children’s ministry or engage in outreach if you only knew how. This is not for churches in crisis or down to a small group of folks in worship.
  2. For churches who will put aside how thing have been done and embrace opportunities to be the church in the 21st Century. Clergy and lay leadership (committee chairs, other leaders) need to be willing to try new things and stay focused.
  3. For churches that are willing to work and to be pushed past their comfort zone for the sake of sharing the love of God made real in Jesus Christ.
  4. 7-10 people ideally able to attend every training, but we recognize that may not always be possible. Each session will end with goal setting for the church and so those at training need to be leaders who can bring new ideas to the church and help those ideas happen.
  5. Churches receiving a new pastor are particularly welcome into this process. The pastor is invited to review the materials and contact Rev. Nicole Reilley with any questions on the process.

Get Started

The next group of churches begins late Summer of 2017.

Contact your District Superintendent and Rev. Nicole Reilley (, Cal-Pac Director of New Ministries, to be considered for Readiness 360+.