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2018 Apportionment Giving Final Date

To all churches in the California-Pacific Conference:

Please note that the final date to submit your 2018 Apportionment is FRIDAY, January 11, 2019.

All giving checks must arrive in the Conference office by 4:30 PM PST.

To give proper credit of your church’s connectional giving, please ensure that your remittance form is complete.  Apportionments received up to and including January 11, 2019 will be applied to 2018 unless indicated for 2019 on the remittance form.

We are also offering an Electronic Giving Option through Vanco Services to you this year. This method allows churches to make an online payment directly from a checking/savings account.  Simply click the button below.

[tw-button size=”medium” background=”” color=”” target=”_blank” link=””]GIVE ONLINE NOW[/tw-button]