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Cal-Pac Retreat Ministry Questionnaire (Camp & Retreat)

The California-Pacific Camp and Retreat Ministries has been granted funds to envision a healthy and helpful retreat ministry for the Conference!  We are asking for feedback from anyone connected with the UMC of Cal-Pac. 

This feedback will help us as we develop a vision for Retreat Ministry here in Southern California and Hawaii for the decades to come. 

We need feedback from people who have and have not attended any kind of retreat.  This is a general survey about your experience with retreats of any kind, and about what you would like to see in a retreat ministry from the Conference Camp and Retreat Ministries. 

Please take 4-5 minutes to give us your honest thoughts on retreats.  We are deeply grateful for your input! 

Deadline for this survey is September 30, 2022.  Thank you in advance!

Rev. Marlene Urban-Funk
Retreat Visioning Coordinator, Cal-Pac Retreat Visioning Launch Team