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Survey for Children’s & Family Ministries Workers

Dear Colleagues in Children’s and Family Ministries:

Greetings!  I pray that you are healthy and safe as are the children and families within your church’s care.

As we seek to transform lives in the lifelong process of Christian discipleship, your role is very important and often underappreciated.  Faith formation begins at the earliest stages of life in a partnership between home and church, supplemented by programs like Sunday School, VBS, day camp, overnight camps and retreats, and intergenerational events that you help lead.

I am hoping that through Cal-Pac Camp, Retreat and Discipleship Ministries we can be more intentional about connecting and resourcing volunteer and paid staff who lead this critical disciple-making ministry in our local churches.  In the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic and the limits it places on our ability to gather children and families together, we need each other more than ever for support and guidance.

So I am asking that you respond to this e-mail in the following ways:

1 – Share with me via e-mail the ways that you are already networking with others in children’s and family ministries and where you are finding the best resources and support.

2 – Please fill out this brief survey so we can find out what you need in the way of further support and connection now and into the future.

3 – If there is enough interest, I am hoping we can set up a Zoom call with Children and Family Ministries workers sometime in May.

From these three information pieces we are putting together a Cal-Pac Children’s and Family Ministries webpage with ways to connect, find resources and share information.

Thank you so much for all you do to grow disciples of Jesus Christ from birth and beyond!  May God richly bless you with wisdom, safety and peace.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. David Berkey, Director
Camp, Retreat, and Discipleship Ministries