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UMW Western Jurisdiction Announcement

Please find the announcement from National United Methodist Women about the event cancellations of all the Jurisdictions below.

June 8, 2020

Dear Western Jurisdiction Conference President,

This year has become a year unlike any other in our lifetime. We know you are making all manner of decisions about what can proceed as hoped and expected and what must be cancelled or postponed, and each of these hard decisions brings with it its own grief. It is with great concern for the health and wellness of our membership that we have decided to cancel the Jurisdiction Events for 2020 and not reschedule them into 2021. Since 80 percent of registrants fall in the “at risk” category of 60-plus it is impossible to guarantee everyone’s safety until a vaccine has been successfully implemented across our country and beyond.

This decision was reached after much discernment, discussion, and prayer. Please know that it is because we want our membership safe during this pandemic, the leadership of the board and each Jurisdiction came together to arrive at this decision.

Please join us by showing support for your Jurisdiction teams as, yet another set of plans is disrupted during this anxious time, when the most marginalized persons are at such egregious risk.

Much time was invested by the 5 Jurisdiction teams over the past 4 years planning details and working with members and staff to make sure all five events were great celebrations of the 150th anniversary. The creative efforts of each team and the hundreds of volunteer hours created bonds of friendship that will never be broken. We are heart sick at missing this time to come together in celebration, study, and planning for the next quadrennium. There will be time allotted to celebrate the work of these amazing teams at the next Assembly.

All UMW quadrennial elections normally taking place at the Jurisdiction Events are now taking place remotely. This includes the Jurisdiction Team elections. All normal election protocols are possible through virtual elections including nominations from the floor. Delegates and nominees will receive direct communications about election training and procedures through their Jurisdiction Committee on Nominations Chairs and the National office.

We ask that everyone who has registered for the Jurisdiction Events wait just a little longer for information about refunds while we work with our teams to share any owed expenses amongst all Jurisdictions so that contributions per person will be minimal. We will email all registrants when ready. Please do not call your Jurisdiction Teams to allow them the time to figure out the best procedures for next steps. A FAQ document will follow to guide Conferences on final reconciliation of any remaining travel purchases.

Stay safe and stay in love with God.


Shannon Priddy
National president

Judi Nibbelink
Western Jurisdiction president

Betty Helms
Southeastern Jurisdiction president

Denise Snyder
Northeastern Jurisdiction president

Rita L. Smith
North Central Jurisdiction president

Charlotte Morrow
South Central Jurisdiction president