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Receiving Missional Wisdom

authenticity[By Rev. Nicole Reilley, Interim Director of New Ministries]

What did the Academy help me do?  Over the past two years I have learned how to lead a house church as well as how to help seven others start them and lead them.  I have helped churches start Messy Churches, with one starting this month and three in October.  I have spent time figuring out a model for discipleship that speaks to everyday people and led five Discipleship Huddles. Honestly, of the things I’ve done more haven’t worked than have been successful, but coaching has kept me focused and moving forward.

This weekend was the culmination of the two years where each person in our cohort shared her or his story. This was the highpoint of the two years!  God had been working!

Shelly began a community garden and then moved to direct The Sharing House, which is located in a community of poverty.  This month, she will be adding a simple meal and a worship gathering to care for the souls of the community.

Allison began The Foundry House, which ministers in a community of addiction and abuse.  Children’s needs are met with tutoring, friendship and food.  Check out their website to get an idea of what amazing things this community is doing:

Tom’s church began a new community garden and house where people will live in community (Epworth House) by pray walking around the neighborhood.   Former members of his congregation are returning to the state to help set up the Epworth House as a community living home.  It is an exciting time for this large congregation in Oklahoma.

There can be no doubt that we are at a time in the Church where we need to be about doing new things, but it is common for us to wonder how we might move into this new time.  For Cal-Pac, we will be offering an abbreviated version of the two-year program.  Our program (the Institute of Missional Wisdom) will be a 10-month learning intensive with two retreats and a field trip to explore new ministries in Cal-Pac. There will be a second optional year of group and one-on-one coaching for those beginning new ministries.

We encourage both laity and clergy to apply. Contact Rev. Nicole Reilley ( for an application.

An excerpt from a blog post on the Academy for Missional Wisdom by Rev. Nicole Reilley, Cal-Pac Interim Director of New Ministries, accessible here.