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Easter 2014 Message

messageJohn 20:1-18

Brothers and Sisters,

The Lord is Risen, Risen indeed!

Yesterday I received word that one of our churches had already celebrated Easter morning! From Immanuel UMC of Saipan came that wonderful word of faith that sustains us from Easter to Easter. They said, “A quiet beach with waves gently lapping was the scene of our welcoming the dawn with Mary Magdalene, to find the tomb empty.” saipan-easterIt is what we will all find as we welcome this glorious day of our Lord’s Resurrection whether we are gathering on beaches, on mountains, in valleys, deserts or plains! I believe that on this day through grace and the eyes of faith we will see our Living Lord among us! I pray that as the people of The United Methodist Church we will give true witness with Mary Magdalene and the faithful throughout the centuries that we too have seen the Lord. Let us give voice and life to this sacred truth so that all God’s children and creatures may be blessed.

With Easter joy and love,

Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño
Los Angeles Area Resident Bishop
The United Methodist Church