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Urgent Announcement on Imagine No Malaria

message-bishop-newCal-Pac Clergy and Lay Leaders,

I greet you in the powerful and faithful name of Christ Jesus. As we continue to work together to fulfill our $3 million commitment to save the lives of 300,000 of our brothers and sisters who run the risk of dying on this day because of Malaria, I wanted to make sure you had the most recent report (1/31/16).

As I have prayerfully studied our INM giving report I was moved by the many churches who have clearly given sacrificially. Thank you. I need to also say, however, how disappointed I was to see that over 70 of our churches have given not even a penny. Perhaps some of you just haven’t sent in your contribution or you are working on it right now. Please do your very best to help us fight Malaria and save precious lives.

god-sized-goal-graphic-3-webI did some quick calculating and find that if each church raised an additional $4,500, we would meet our commitment. Surely some of our larger churches could take on a slightly larger goal so that smaller churches can be helped so we all contribute to this sacred cause.

Remember that May 1, 2016 is the target end date of our INM effort. Did you know that May 1 is also the day designated to our California-Pacific Conference to pray for General Conference? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if on that day we would come before God with the fullness of our INM gift. I know God would be pleased and many would be blessed!

Your sister in Christ,

Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño
Los Angeles Area Resident Bishop
The United Methodist Church

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