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Lent 2018: Day Two

Genesis 1:31

God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day…

It was beautifully done.

Beginning with the light to shine in darkness and culminating with humankind, God created: the heavens and the earth and every living thing, brought into being by God’s word and blessing. And it was all good.

The wondrous and life-giving creation story in the beginning of Genesis reveals not only God’s mighty works, but declares them all good. On the sixth day, God looked around at all of God’s creation, at the beauty and the harmony of it all, and saw that it was all very good. From the very beginning, from the moment God began creating our world, God’s word gave life. Even now, God’s word is good.

The first creation account in Genesis reveals to us that God intended fullness and abundance of life for every living being in the cosmos. Each part of creation was good. And, God designed each part to work in harmony with all the other parts. Together, those parts are very good.

In this Lenten season of reflection and repentance, may God’s Spirit encourage and strengthen us to examine our own lives and admit where we fail to embrace God’s vision for us.

May God’s Spirit encourage us to see and affirm the good in others. And, may God’s Spirit show us the good God intends for us and help us to embody and share it every day.

May we always look for the very good that God fashioned from the very beginning.

Prayer: Creator God, restore to us the very goodness of loving and living in harmony with all creation. Amen.

Rev. Hee Jung Yu
Redlands University United Methodist Church
East District