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Disaster Response Teams’ Efforts Enhanced with New Tool Trailer

The California-Pacific Conference Disaster Response Task Force had reported in the waning months of 2019 that their Happy Little Tool Trailer, subject of literary fame, suffered the indignity of being rudely awakened in the middle of the night and kidnapped from the University Church Irvine parking lot. 

Thanks to kind neighbors but almost stymied by inert bureaucracy, the Little Tool Trailer was recovered. Unfortunately, the depredations of the kidnappers left the depleted trailer on life support; electric wiring mangled and the tongue and hitch twisted. The consultants hemmed and hawed, but the consensus view came to the sad conclusion that for safety and space, not only did the depleted tool inventory need to be replaced, but also that we “pull the plug”. 

So, with sadness but also with a guilty feeling of relief, a new trailer was purchased. The slightly larger size still allows almost any large vehicle to tow it and there is more room to organize the contents. Early Response Teams (ERT) often go into areas where they have to be self-sufficient. The ERT trailer is critical to their efforts. 

The Task Force held a trailer tool party February 18, 2020. The new trailer had shelving and racks and tie downs installed to accommodate the new inventory of tools. Although we had insurance, depreciation and a $2,500 deductible meant that we had to be very judicious in restocking. Most of the reordering went through Home Depot as we have Pro Desk status along with a program that for anything we buy for Disaster work, Home Depot will donate 5% to UMCOR.

Along with members from First UMC Ontario, another seven churches were represented in building and stocking our new wheels. Approximately 12 individuals were present.

Disasters come in many forms, but with the phenomenal UMC connection, we aid and support each other and continue to show how to transform the world by aiding our neighbors and communities across the USA. 

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