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(Updated) First UMVIM Team Completes Woolsey Recovery Project (Disaster Response)

Correction:  A misspelling of a team leader’s name has been corrected. Our sincere apologies for the error.

On December 12, a California-Pacific United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) team of four individuals spent the day aiding one of the survivors of the Woolsey Fire at Seminole Springs Mobilehome Park.  The team members included leader Don Howald (Camarillo UMC), Cliff Weinansof (Monterey Park UMC), Sheldon Haase (Glendale UMC), and Ken Ellis (North Hollywood UMC).

At lot 94, survivor Sandy had only a temporary set of steps, loaned to her by the mobile home vendor, leading up to her home.  A new safe and sturdy stairway with a handrail was built on a cement pad and secured to the structure.  Materials were purchased through a Lowe’s grant to the Woolsey Long Term Recovery Group.  This generous grant from Lowe’s totaled $39,000 to assist many survivors with all kinds of unmet needs.

The Cal-Pac Disaster Response Task Force (DRTF) has been intimately involved in the work of the Woolsey Long Term Recovery Group for the past two years:

One member is a case manager, part of a team helping to assist over 275 households who have entered the process; another is Chair of the Construction Committee, which oversees requests submitted to the Allocation Table.  Funds donated to disaster relief by individuals from all over the Conference have funded these grants to the Allocation Table.  The Allocation Table has approved funding for unmet needs such as steps, ramps, sheds, washer/dryers, tree removal, landscaping, irrigation systems, retaining walls, driveways, and more.

Earlier in 2020, the DRTF approved funding for the position of Construction Manager.  This professionally trained person has been a critical resource for homeowners needing advice on project scope of work, cost estimates, reliable contractors, required permitting, and more. 

Sandy was in tears of gratitude as she shared her story with the team.  A prayer of thanks for the opportunity to provide this “Christmas gift” for Sandy was shared together.  The Seminole Springs Mobilehome Park was essentially wiped out, losing over a 100 homes.  Now, two years since the devastation, despair and loss are giving way to hope and new beginnings.  Just ask Sandy.

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