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Mothers on border share stories of desperation, hope (UM News)

June 15, 2022

The depth and strength of motherhood in the development of children transcend time, distance and any human condition.

Even in the most adverse and difficult conditions, motherhood is a symbol of security, hope and support for the weakest. That is the image that many also have of the church and its ministries. In the action of the church, many find shelter, support, love, solidarity and other gifts associated with motherhood.

That maternal attitude of the church reaches in ministerial action to many places where need and despair abound. The borders are areas where women and children often suffer the worst, as they are the most traditionally vulnerable sectors of society.

UM News has made a special report to present the stories of some mothers who have been confronting the difficulties, dangers and adversities of immigration but continue to be a source of hope, security and love. 

The names of the interviewed mothers have been changed for their safety, but what cannot be changed is the imprint that their experiences have left on their lives.

“I was able to find my son by the grace of God.”

María is a Honduran mother from Lempira, who was traveling by land for seven months with her 5-year-old son, until she reached a point on the southern border of the state of Texas, where she was able to apply for asylum.

I left Honduras fleeing because the children’s father tried to kill me. I had separated from him, but he offered to support me with the children by building us a house. I worked cooking from 4 in the morning to 8 at night; the little money that I earned was given to him for the construction.