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What is Spanglish 2015 all about? – #Spanglish2K15

newsSpanglish 2015 is taking place on April 17-19, 2015, at Camp Cedar Glen in Julian, CA.

This year’s theme “No Fear: Dios Está Contigo” (No temas: God is with you) is based on Joshua 1:9.

We call on all members of the UM Connection to join us in prayer for our Hispanic/Latino youth and young adults:

Here are a few highlights of what Spanglish participants will encounter as part of a three-day program that will include:

  •         Bonfire Worship Experience
  •         Dynamic and Gifted Preachers
  •         Powerful Bilingual Worship
  •         Morning Devotions led by young people
  •         Opciones/Tracks (classes that our young people sign up for that range from topics around leadership, evangelism, advocacy, and discipleship)
  •         All Camp No Fear Factor Competition
  •         Small Group/Familia Time
  •         Recreation (archery, team building low ropes courses, rock climbing wall, etc.)
  •         Great meals and fellowship
  •         Opportunities to get closer to God
  •         Prayer

Thanks to our ministry partners we were able to reduce the cost of attendance from $175 per person to $90.

What makes UMC Spanglish unique?

Spanglish is an ongoing new bilingual/bicultural youth and young adults’ ministry (ages 14-26) that has served effectively for the past four years by using an intentional mentorship model through the Spanglish Design Team. The Team provides leadership and spiritual growth opportunities for our young people to receive hands-on training, and monthly meetings as we prayerfully put together the Spanglish event, and other ongoing discipleship and evangelical events throughout the connection targeting 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation Hispanic/Latino young people from all over our UMC connection.

What is UMC Spanglish’s Vision?

Under the leadership of a team that involves faithful servants of God that are laity, clergy, young people, and key UMC Staff. The God vision is to become a model that can be duplicated and easily modified throughout the UMC connection with the purpose of creating mature disciples of Christ that will share Jesus with the world!

What is UMC Spanglish’s connection to the National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministry (NPHLM)?

Some of our Spanglish leaders currently serve on the national consultative team and attended the 3rd national consultation on Hispanic/Latino Ministry this past March 2015 held at Drew University in Durham, NC. We believe that God has been preparing us to pave the way as a response to the emerging generations of Hispanic/Latino youth.

We celebrate our NPHLM’s “collaborative approach to our work [towards] building God’s Kingdom”. Our top 7 seven recommendations that we will focus on are:

  1. Raise up and support YOUNG Hispanic/Latino Leaders as “Bridge Builders” and PARTNERS in ministry for the church and world.
  2. Create cultural competency across the whole church.
  3. Evaluate and improve the standards for, and development and equipping of, mentors and coaches for relevant spiritual leadership.
  4. Recognizing Hispanics/Latinos as valuable gifts to the Church and world.
  5. Create collective, collaborative leadership structures that honor and validate all forms of ministry  ̶̶  laity and clergy  ̶̶  and facilitate all people’s journey into ministry.
  6. Invest in intercultural and multicultural ministry.
  7. Equip and support the Church out in the community and with the community, including enabling action for social holiness and transformational justice (eg. racial justice, LGBT justice, gender equality, and immigration).

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By Emma Vega, Spanglish Co-Director