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Hosted by Hispanic/Latino Ministries


Spanglish is an event for young people ages 14 – 26 dedicated to the exploration and celebration of Hispanic/Latino Culture in the United States. Taking place in a camp setting, we fellowship through meals and gathering, learn through leadership workshops, compete in sports activities, and worship in a cross-cultural setting.

July 8-10, 2022
at Angeles Crest Camp in Palmdale, CA

Theme: “God is our refuge y nuestra fortaleza” (Psalm 91:2)

What is UMC Spanglish’s Vision?

Under the leadership of a team that involves faithful servants of God that are laity, clergy, young people, and key UMC Staff, the vision is for Spanglish to become a model that can be duplicated and easily modified throughout the UMC connection with the purpose of creating mature disciples of Christ that will share Jesus with the world!

What makes UMC Spanglish unique?

Spanglish is an ongoing new bilingual/bicultural youth (grades 9-12) and young adults’ ministry (ages 14-25) that has served effectively for the past ten years by using an intentional mentorship model through the Spanglish Design Team. The Team provides leadership and spiritual growth opportunities for our young people to receive hands-on training, and monthly meetings as we prayerfully put together the Spanglish event, and other ongoing discipleship and evangelical events throughout the connection targeting 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation Hispanic/Latino young people from all over our UMC connection.

We call on all members of the UM Connection to join us in prayer for our Hispanic/Latino youth and young adults and also for the 2022 Spanglish camp.


For questions, please contact Nancy Perez-Barcelo of the Hispanic/Latino Ministry office at 626.598.7357.

Instagram @umc_spanglish