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Sterling, Bundy, and Ill-Fated Extras

The following, written by Rev. Paige Eaves of University United Methodist Church (Irvine, CA) on May 1, 2014, is recommended reading for Cal-Pac from Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño.

“Watch, the black man will die,” says Forrest as he passes by the … Read More

RV’ers in Mission Come to the End of the Road

“I accidentally spilled the bucket of paint on the church driveway.  So, everyone ran over with their rollers and began to roll it up to paint the fence.  Then, I got the power-washer and made the paint disappear.  The church … Read More

Honest to Greatness – Part 3 – Rev. Jennifer Gutierrez, Interim Director of Justice & Compassion Ministries

With microphone in hand, Rev. Jennifer Gutierrez addressed the crowd of 1,000 people as a clergy speaker saying, “Somos un pueblo de esperanza (We are a people of hope)!”

On May Day 2014, Interim Director of Justice and Compassion Ministries … Read More

Transformative Service in South Los Angeles

On a cool Friday in March 2014, a group of twenty-three youth and adults from San Diego County joined with three churches from throughout California to serve in the middle of South Los Angeles for a Weekend of Service organized … Read More

Alegre y Significativo: Fiesta Latina 2014

Por la mañana cuatro jóvenes adultos junto con su pastora (Rev. Carrie Cesar), de la IMUGG  llegaron con suficiente tiempo para ayudar al Rev. Iván Sevillano (anfitrión del evento) con los preparativos y posteriormente a servir de ujieres durante el … Read More

Lively and Meaningful: Fiesta Latina 2014

In the morning four young adult members and the associate pastor (Rev. Carrie Cesar) of our GGUMC arrived early enough to help Rev. Ivan Sevillano (host of the event) with set up and later on helped with ushering.

Worship service … Read More

Faith in Public: Ash Wednesday 2014

Ash Wednesday became real for people living their everyday lives last week as clergy persons from different parts of the California-Pacific Conference blessed strangers in public.

Rev. Vilma Cruz-Baez, Pastor of La Plaza United Methodist Church, and other clergy persons … Read More

Remembering the Haapai Islands and Victims of Tropical Cyclone Ian

On January 11, 2014, Cyclone Ian hit Tonga with gusts of up to 178 miles per hour. The storm was later downgraded from Category 5 – the most destructive level – to Category 4, with gusts of up to 155 … Read More

Honest to Greatness – Part 2: Erin Foellmi, Manager of Young People’s Ministry

“Good night,” she murmurred as her eyes were closing.  With that, Erin Foellmi (pronounced “fell-mee”), Manager of Young People’s Ministry fell asleep at Pasadena First United Methodist Church.

It was the semi-annual meeting of the Young People’s Ministry … Read More

Honest to Greatness – Part 1: Rev. Dr. Stephen C. Hundley, Executive Director of Connectional Ministries

Pulling the cap off of the marker, Rev. Dr. Stephen C. Hundley looked up from his hand at the Connectional Ministries staff huddled in a small conference room and asked, “How are we going to do this?”

Next to him … Read More