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Charge Conference Forms


#1 – About These Forms

This year, Charge Conference Forms are ALL ONLINE (meaning, they are primarily online forms and not PDF’s).

#2 – Instructional Video

#3 – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. About PDF files: While a PDF editor is not required to prepare for charge conferences, it may be useful while you prepare. There are many free PDF editor programs online that do not require downloading software. The following three have been tested with charge conference forms and are referred to users if needed:
    1. PDFEscape Online at
    2. Sejda PDF Editor at
    3. Formswift’s Free PDF Editor at
  2. About Save & Resume: If you Save a form and plan to resume it later, be sure to record the link in a safe place and have it emailed to you. There is a strict 30-day limit on how long the form can be saved before it is expunged from the system. Conference and district staff have no control over the 30-day limit, cannot retrieve your saved but unsubmitted form, and cannot retrieve a lost URL for you. If any of these things happen, users will have to start the form again.
  3. Every form has a link to a blank document in the instructions that you can download, print, and use to prepare for the report.
  4. If possible, a copy of your 2018-2019 charge conference forms may help you prepare. Your church office should have these forms from your last charge conference.

For assistance with Charge Conference Forms, contact your District Office.

The Forms