2018 Charge Conference Forms

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This year, Charge Conference Forms are comprised of 22 forms.

Please note:

  • Form 0 is used to keep track of all forms required to be completed.
  • Equitable Compensation applications for 2018 are available from your district office. For 2018, these applications are not a charge conference form.
Step 2: Download the Forms

There are two options for downloading the forms: [Option (A)] download all forms as one file or [Option (B)] each form individually

For assistance with Charge Conference Forms, contact your District Office.

Option (A) = Download All Forms As One File

Please note: This .zip file does not include online forms #9.2, #15, #16, #17 or any Appendixes after A and B. Once downloaded, the .zip must be extracted

Option (B) = Download Each Form Individually

You can always “right-click” on the form button and “save link as…” if the left click does not function properly.

DOCX 0 – Tracking Sheet
XLSX 1 – Salary & Benefits (single appointment)
XLSX 2 – Salary & Benefits (dual appointment)
XLSX 3 – Salary & Benefits (Lay Person Assigned)
DOCX 4 – Housing Allowance Exemption
DOCX 5 – Pastor Certification of Payment
DOCX 6 – SPRC Appointment Recommendation
DOCX 7 – Clergy Appointment Request
DOCX 8 – Disciple-making Report
DOCX 9 – Report of the Pastor
DOCX 9.1 – Report of the Pastor (Membership Audit)
ONLINE FORM 9.2 – Report of the Pastor (Lay Leadership)
DOCX 10 – Report of the Trustees
DOCX 10.1 – Facility User Groups
DOCX 10.2 – Accessibility Audit
DOCX 10.3 – Disaster Response Plans
DOCX 11 – Parsonage Report
DOCX 12 – Report of Finance Committee
DOCX 13 – Fund Balance Report
DOCX 14 – Abuse Prevention Policy
ONLINE FORM 16 – Lay Servant Minister Report
ONLINE FORM 17 – Certified Lay Minister Report
DOCX 18 – Declaration of Candidacy
DOCX 19 – Candidate for Ministry Yearly Report
PDF 20 – Deacon in Provisional or Full Membership Report
21 – Clergy on Leave Report
PDF 22 – Extension Minister Report
PDF Appendix A – Salary & Benefits Guidelines
PDF Appendix B – Minimum Compensation Standards
PDF Appendix C – Housing Allowance Q&As
PDF Appendix D – Accountable Reimbursement Policy (Long Form Sample)
PDF Appendix E – Accountable Reimbursement Policy (Short Form Sample)
PDF Appendix F – Clergy Housing Allowance Clarification Act of 2002
PAGE Appendix G – Clergy Tax Packet
PAGE Appendix H – Group Tax Exemption Request
PDF Appendix I – Local Church Audit Guide
PDF Appendix J – Local Church Audit Guide – FAQ’s
PDF Appendix K – 2018 Medical, Dental, and Vision Rates