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Charge Conference Forms



1. All charge conference forms are to be completed electronically. Do not submit hard copies. For links to online forms, please refer to the list below.

2. Signatures are not required to submit most forms. Signatures may be collected after the forms are submitted, then scanned and submitted online after the charge conference meets. See Form #15 for details.

3. Once submitted, check your email address(es) for a copy of your submitted information in PDF form. Clergy Salary & Benefit Form #1 and Trustees Report #10.0 may require additional time for receipt.

4. Compile the necessary charge conference form information for your charge conference booklet. Not all forms need to be included in the booklet, even though you need to submit them. Include forms #1 – #3, #8, #9.0, #9.1, #10.0, #12, #13, your complete Nominations Report, and any SPRC recommendations for first-time (declaring) ministry candidates in your booklet, as well as any additional forms requested by your District Superintendent.

5. Hold your charge conference. This may be via an online meeting, as required by current health guidelines and physical distancing requirements.

6. About Written Ballots: If your Zoom account does not have polling enabled and you need a free resource for taking anonymous virtual ballots during the charge conference, one option is Google Forms, which can be prepared in advance (without contact information for anonymity). Use the short or long link to share the ballots with your charge conference participants and have a voice vote to approve the closure of the ballot. Google Forms can be accessed at For best practices, we recommend holding a practice ballot early in the charge conference so that your members can familiarize themselves with the process, prior to any actual votes.

7. Before, during or after the charge conference (as appropriate), collect signatures using the Signature Page in Charge Conference Form #15. Word, PDF, and fillable PDF are all available for use, depending on your church’s preference. You may collect these signatures online by routing the document via email to various recipients, or collect them with a handwritten signature, as noted. If you can only get an email or phone approval for a required signer, please note the restriction on the document and have the pastor-in-charge sign “on behalf of” the required signer with a note to the method by which approval was granted (phone, email, during Zoom conference, etc).

8. Once all documents are collected, approved, and signed, complete online form #15. Using this form, you can upload

a. Previous charge conference minutes, as approved by this charge conference
b. Completed “Charge Conference Signatures” page / document as saved or scanned.
c. Completed candidacy forms (#18 & #19) votes from your charge conference, including SPRC information, vote tallies, and required signatures, if not included in 8b above.


  1. About PDF files: While a PDF editor is not required to prepare for charge conferences, it may be useful while you prepare. There are many free PDF editor programs online that do not require downloading software. The following three have been tested with charge conference forms and are referred to users if needed:
    1. PDFEscape Online at
    2. Sejda PDF Editor at
    3. Formswift’s Free PDF Editor at
  2. About Save & Resume: If you Save a form and plan to resume it later, be sure to record the link in a safe place and have it emailed to you. There is a strict 30-day limit on how long the form can be saved before it is expunged from the system. Conference and district staff have no control over the 30-day limit, cannot retrieve your saved but unsubmitted form, and cannot retrieve a lost URL for you. If any of these things happen, users will have to start the form again.
  3. Every form has a link to a blank document in the instructions that you can download, print, and use to prepare for the report.
  4. If possible, a copy of your 2019-2020 charge conference forms may help you prepare. Your church office should have these forms from your last charge conference.

For assistance with Charge Conference Forms, contact your District Office.

The Forms


Appendix A Salary & Benefits Guidelines

Appendix B Minimum Compensation Standards

Appendix C Clergy Tax Packet

Appendix D Local Church Audit Guide

(NOTE: Document as provided by GCFA. This is a NEW version, released in 2020. The previous Audit FAQs is now out-of-date.)

Appendix E Housing Allowance Resolution Samples and Q&As

Appendix F 2021 Medical, Dental and Vision Rates (Updated 11/17/2020) – We have received notice of a reduction in premium rates for the dental insurance plans offered through The Guardian. The new and final rates are posted here, along with the Kaiser HSA rates that were not previously available.

Appendix G Tracking Sheet for local churches