2017 Charge Conference Forms

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Step 1: Read the Following

This year, Charge Conference Forms are comprised of 24 forms.

Form 0 is used to keep track of all forms required to be completed.

As of September 1, 2016, Salary and Benefits information is not available and will be made available in the coming weeks.

Step 2: Download the Forms

There are two options for downloading the forms: [Option (A)] download all forms as one file or [Option (B)] each form individually

For assistance with Charge Conference Forms, contact your District Office.

You can always “right-click” on the form button and “save link as…” if the left click does not function properly.

Option (A) = Download All Forms As One File

Note: This .zip file does not include Form 10.2 and any Appendices.  Once downloaded, the .zip must be extracted.

Option (B) = Download Each Form Individually

.docx .pdf 0 – Tracking Sheet
.xlsx 1 – Salary & Benefits (single appointment)
.xlsx 2 – Salary & Benefits (dual appointment)
.xlsx 3 – Salary & Benefits (LPA)
.xlsx 4 – Equitable Compensation Application
.docx 5 – Housing Allowance Exemption
.docx 6 – Pastor Certification of Payment
.docx 7 – SPRC Appointment Recommendation
.docx 8 – Clergy Appointment Request
.docx 9 – Disciple-making Report
.docx 10 – Report of the Pastor
.docx 10.1 – Report of the Pastor (Membership Audit)
FORM 10.2 – Report of the Pastor (Lay Leadership in the Local Church)
.docx 11 – Report of the Trustees
.docx 11.1 – Facility User Groups
.docx 11.2 – Accessibility Audit
.docx 11.3 – Disaster Response Plans
.docx 12 – Parsonage Report
.docx 13 – Report of Finance Committee
.docx 14 – Fund Balance Report
.docx 15 – Abuse Prevention Policy
.docx 16 – UMW Report
.docx 17 – Imagine No Malaria Pledge
.docx 18 – Lay Servant Minister Report
.docx 19 – Certified Lay Minister
.docx 20 – Declaration of Candidacy
.docx 21 – Candidate for Ministry Yearly Report
.pdf 22 – Annual Report of the Deacon
.pdf 23 – Annual Report of Clergy on Leave
.pdf 24 – Annual Report of Extension Minister
.pdf Appendix A – Salary & Benefits Guidelines
.pdf Appendix B – Minimum Compensation Standards
.pdf Appendix C – Housing Allowance Q&As
.pdf Appendix D – Accountable Reimbursement Policy (Long Form Sample)
.pdf Appendix E – Accountable Reimbursement Policy (Short Form Sample)
.pdf Appendix F – Clergy Housing Allowance Clarification Act of 2002
Online Appendix G – Clergy Tax Packet
Online Appendix H – Group Tax Exemption Request
.pdf .pdf Appendix I – Local Church Audit Guide & FAQ’s
.PDF Appendix J – 2017 Medical, Dental, and Vision Rates