June 15, 2015

What’s Usually Missing on Most Church Flyers

how-toFlyers need to be able to “fly,” right?  So, how do your church flyers do?

Flyers, posters, brochures and other such print materials are visual representations of the experience of your event.  In other words, a flyer should look the way that the event feels.  In effect, the communication is emotional and the purpose is to get the person to the next thing (ie. a brochure or a website, from which the person can register).

Here are some examples of some amazingly designed flyers.

Of course, not every church can design, or afford to hire someone to design, posters in this way.  So, here are three ways that churches can make better flyers:

  1. Make big and loud what is most important and small and quiet what comes afterwards – If a flyer has everything at the same font face and size, it does not convey priority which does not help the eyes get to some place faster.  What is the one thing that someone should not forget about this event?
  2. Believe that less truly is more – If a picture (a visual) is worth a thousand words, then use a big visual and little words off to the side that tells a viewer what to do next.  Try and give a theological reason for the event and all to whom the flyer will speak are professors (and most of them do not have time to attend your event).
  3. Design the next thing first – It’s not realistic to think that one flyer will get everybody there.  A flyer is one piece of a larger communications plan for an event.  If the full description of the event is online (which it should be), then make sure that the viewer of the flyer gets the clear message that they should go to the website for more.

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