July 6, 2017

Called to Serve with Young People at Camp?

Camp Wrightwood is actively and urgently recruiting Camp Counselors for the week of July 16-22, 2017!

The camp is in need of more counselors because of the great demand. All those sensing the call to serve in this special way can contact Broghan or Kenny at (760) 249-3453.

Details are below:

The heart and soul of the camp experience, Counselors are alongside campers throughout each session. Programs are set up to allow counselors with different personality types (such as introvert/extrovert) to play to their strengths; counselors can choose to specialize in various psychological, social, and physical aspects of camp.

Lead Counselors
With at least 3 (some with 20!) previous seasons of camp counseling under their belts, Lead Counselors mentor Counselors, CITs, and Chaperones. Leads also take ownership of certain parts of the program, such as Praise and Worship, Game Master, and Craft Guru.

Specialties require specialized training and certification. These currently include archery, life guarding, swim instruction, and ropes course. Staff in any other role can choose to be certified in these areas.

Any staff under 18 come into camp as CITs and receive additional coaching and spiritual development opportunities during sessions.

Chaperones are “den mothers and fathers” during evening and morning cabin time, supervise campers during free time and game times, and enjoy fellowship with one another.

Production Crew
The production crew focuses primarily behind-the-scenes to make a program flow smoothly. Production staff may be individuals who believe in camp ministry but don’t necessarily need to work with campers all the time, though there are still ample opportunities to do so.

For more information, simply contact Broghan or Kenny at (760) 249-3453.