April 29, 2016

Preparing for the 32nd Annual Session of the California-Pacific Conference


Conference Schedule Overview – An overview of the 32nd Annual Session is now available.  A detailed schedule will become available in the coming weeks.  View the Schedule Overview

Pre-Conference Briefing – Pre-Conference Briefing this year is scheduled for Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at 1:00PM in Orton Center, just prior to the Best Practices Summit. District Conferences are scheduled for (tomorrow), Saturday, April 30, 2016. See District Times and Locations

District Gatherings at Annual Conference – District Gatherings this year are scheduled as breakfast gatherings throughout Annual Conference. Please refer to the Schedule Overview.

2016 Preliminary Report – The Preliminary Report will soon be completed and will be available digitally. A print-on-demand option will also be available to order printed versions. Notification will be sent when both are completed and available.

Request Forms – Clergy Excusal Request, Space Use Request, Booth Reservation, and other forms are available at

Learn French – Hospitality in the Cal-Pac way be come in the form of knowing a few phrases in French as Special Guest Bishop Gabriel Unda Yemba of the East Congo Conference will be speaking with us through a French/English interpreter:

  • “Welcome!” > “Bonjour!  BIenvenue. (Bien vuh noo)”
    Note that the customary gesture of greeting and welcome is a handshake instead of a hug.
  • “My name is…” > “Je m’appelle…”
  • “Peace be with you / and also with you!” > “Que la paix du Seigneur soit toujours avec vous. (ke la pay doo sen-yer swa too-joor avek voo) / Et avec ton esprit.  (ay avek tone es-pree)”

Learn About the East Congo Conference – Just a few months ago, United Methodist News Service produced a special series on the East Congo Conference with stories on the flourishing church in the midst of struggling schools, overwhelmed medical clinics, and orphans in need.  The East Congo Conference is the newest conference of The United Methodist Church.  Read More