November 11, 2015

Young Adults Deconstruct Their Doubt

newsIn small groups, TED-style talks, and chats directly with United Methodist Pastors, young adults from across the California-Pacific Conference deconstructed their doubt at Cal-Pac’s Lazy W Ranch for the Annual Young Adult Retreat themed, “Deconstructing Doubt.”

The goals of the October 2015 retreat were many, including to share our doubts and questions in a non-judgmental place and to grow closer to God.

The keynote talk was given by Rev. Matt Neely from Texas and worship music was led by Dave Roberts. In addition, young adults were given the opportunity to learn closely from speakers in workshops that covered topics including how to dismantle racism, personal relationships, and going to God in a crisis.

It was a truly uplifting time for the young adults present which included a youth group from outside of The United Methodist Church. The connection at the retreat was the embodiment of United Methodist “connectionalism.”

Many thanks to Cal-Pac Camp & Retreat staff, volunteers, and speakers who pulled together to make Deconstructing Doubt a wonderful retreat!

Just another example of how the United Methodists of the California-Pacific Conference is inspiring the world as passionate followers of Jesus Christ so all may experience God’s life-giving love!