February 21, 2018

UMCOR Sunday 2018 is March 11, 2018

Formerly known as “One Great Hour of Sharing,” UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) Sunday celebrates and supports the ways by which The United Methodist Church becomes the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in times of urgent need after disasters.

UMCOR is not just a far away committee in The United Methodist Church – all of us here in the California-Pacific Conference who give financially, support in prayer, and join in disaster response are UMCOR!

When disaster struck in the North and South Districts, over 100 people from 15 churches were present as UMCOR in planning and responding.  Even now, we are continuing the work of being the hands and feet of Christ as UMCOR.  Our Cal-Pac UMCOR presence has gone to other places as well including Texas after Harvey and Las Vegas for Zion United Methodist Church.

Celebrate UMCOR Sunday at your local church with resources available via the button below or give online today!

For questions or further information, take a look at the Cal-Pac UMVIM/Disaster Response Task Force webpage or contact Judy Lewis (, UMVIM Coordinator.