March 18, 2015

Teaching Children About the Needs of the World

hear-our-storiesWhen the adult leaders of First United Methodist Church of Escondido met, they challenged Pastor Ruben Torres to teach their children about malaria.

The leaders came together because Pastor Torres was challenged into the #lemonface challenge by Rev. Joel Hortiales, Associate Director of Hispanic/Latino Ministries for the California-Pacific Conference of The United Methodist Church.

The challenge was to give to Imagine No Malaria or post a video of Pastor Torres drinking 1 ounce of lemon juice.  Pastor Torres decided that this was the right time to take this challenge to his local congregation.

In the meeting, the adult leaders believed that the whole church must get involved and that the young people must lead them.  So, Pastor Torres and the church taught the children of the church about malaria and how it affects children in another part of the world.

During one Sunday worship service, children with offering plates stood at the front of the church as children with offering envelopes walked down the center of the sanctuary to give towards Imagine No Malaria.

“My friend Joel challenged me.  But, Imagine No Malaria is Jesus’ challenge to us to be the prophetic church in acknowledging that we do not live alone in this world.  This is something we must do,” says Pastor Ruben Torres.