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Disaster Preparedness

What is Disaster Preparedness?

A major goal of the Task Force is to encourage and facilitate preparations for an eventual major disaster here at home. As a result, a Church Preparedness and Disaster Plan template has been created to lead a “Planning Team” through the process of designing a plan specific to the needs and requirements of the local church. It includes suggestions for:

  • Who should be involved in the preparation of the church facilities prior to disaster?
  • What should be done to secure the church facilities based on the type of disaster approaching (if known ahead of time).
  • How the church will care for the congregation during and after a disaster.
  • How existing resources in the church can be used during and after a disaster.
  • How the church will serve the community before, during, and after a disaster.

The completed document would be forwarded to both the District and the Conference Disaster Coordinators.


Key Information